Early Years & Primary Work Groups

 Below are the Work Groups that we currently offer.

Developing deep mathematical learning in Early Years – focus on language development

How does planning for effective mathematical
language provision deepen a child’s understanding
of the taught concept?

Target audience: Primary Maths Teachers
Cost: £TBC
Day 1: 29th November 2017
Day 2: 16th January 2018
Day 3: 26th April 2018

Developing Number Sense: Ten Frames Training

To gain an understanding of the value of using ten
frames in EYFS and Year 1 and how it supports the
To consider the use of ten frames as a key
representation in EYFS and KS1 maths lessons

Target audience: EYFS staff, KS1 Teachers and SEN Teachers
Cost: FREE of charge
Cohort 1 – 3rd October 2017 (Full Day) and 12th December (Half Day)
Cohort 2 – TBC


Teaching for Mastery focused issue
development Work Groups – Primary
– Intervention to support pupil

This WG will work with 5-10 schools who are
interested in measuring the effectiveness of their
intervention programmes used with pupils with

Target audience: SEN Staff, KS1 and KS2 Teachers 
Cost: FREE of charge

Cohort 1

Day 1 – TBC

Day 2 – TBC


Teaching for Mastery (Focused
issue) Evidencing progress including
understanding what greater depth
would look like in the primary maths

What is greater depth? What does this look like for
different topics or different year groups? How can
I ensure there is greater depth in my teaching and

Target audience:  SEN Staff, KS1 and KS2 Teachers  
Cost: FREE of charge
Dates: TBC

Teacher subject knowledge

A robust programme looking to develop teachers’
subject knowledge about primary mathematics and
knowledge about the teaching of mathematics –
how to teach it best.

Target audience: Maths Leads, NQTs, SEN Staff, KS1 and KS2 Teachers  
Cost: FREE of charge

Day 1: 22nd November 2017 – 09:00am – 15:30pm

Day 2: 18th December 2017 – 13:15pm – 15:30pm

Day 3: 24th January 2018 – 09:00 – 15:30pm

Day 4: 21st March 2018 – 13:15pm – 15:30pm

Day 5: 25th April 2018 – 09:00 – 15:30pm

Day 6: 24th May 2018 – 13:15pm – 15:30pm

Teaching Assistants Maths Subject Knowledge 

This Work Group is designed to enhance and deepen maths subject knowledge and pedagogy for teaching assistants. Increased confidence in their own subject knowledge, and enhanced awareness of how children gain number sense and learn mathematics will allow TAs to better support children in the classroom and during small group or individual intervention.

Session 1 – Introduction, number, place value

Session 2 – Addition and Subtraction

Session 3 – Multiplication and division

Session 4 – Fractions

Target audience: TAs
Cost: FREE of charge

Dates (All sessions are 9:00am – 12:30pm)
Session 1- Friday 8th December 2017
Session 2 – Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Session 3 – Friday 23rd February 2018
Session 4 – Friday 23rd March 2018

Mastering primary fractions 

As we enter the fourth year of the Maths Hubs
programme, we bring with us a wealth of learning
from several exchange trips to Shanghai where the
teaching and learning of fractions has been a focus
for the home leg of the exchange. This WG will seek to bring together 2 years of exchange materials and support teachers in planning and teaching fractions.

Target audience: Year 6 and KS3 Teachers of Maths KS3 Coordinators, Anyone involved in KS2-KS3 transition
Cost: FREE of charge
Dates: TBC


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