Early Years and Primary courses already completed

Teaching Maths for Mastery – Maths No Problem Course – 9th, 10th 11th November

A three-day course teaching maths using the Singaporean method with Juliana Loh, Singapore’s first ‘Master Teacher’.

After the success of her previous visit, at a course attended by sixty teachers and school leaders, we are phenomenally pleased to be running this course once again with Juliana , a primary maths teacher from Singapore with over 35 years of experience and expertise, in a partnership between Maths No Problem, Elmhurst Teaching School and London North East Maths Hub.

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Mastery in the Early Years

Progression and Mastery in the Early Years is a sustained mathematics professional development programme over a whole school year. The programme consists of three workshops, supported by gap tasks designed to allow participants to apply their developing knowledge effectively.

Target audience: Early Years Practitioners and KS1 Teachers
Cost: FREE of charge
Day 1 – 20th October 2016
Day 2 – 19th January 2017
Day 3 – 14th March 2017

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Microscopic progression in calculations

One of the key tenets of the mastery curriculum is having a narrow focus in each lesson and introducing procedural and conceptual variation in order to build difficulty incrementally, This WG seeks to address the issue in the area of calculations by using materials successfully developed by the London South West Maths Hub. Delegates will not only engage in discussion on the micro-steps involved within calculations, but also get to see it in practise through a live lesson demonstration

Target audience: KS1, KS2 and KS3 teachers of mathematics
Cost: FREE of charge
Date: 10th March 2017

Mastering fractions

This course is aimed at teachers and leaders of primary maths. The course will delve into the relevant subject knowledge in the area of ‘Fractions’ with a particular emphasis on progression in learning. Deeper understanding of the principles and pedagogies related to teaching for mastery for fractions will be explored. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider the use of high quality manipulatives, models and images to enhance the teaching and learning of fractions across Key Stage 1 and 2.

Target audience: KS1 and KS2 Teachers
Cost: FREE of charge
Day 1 – 2nd March 2017
Day 2 – 21st March 2017

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Reasoning at KS2

During this course participants will have an opportunity to explore different ways of incorporating reasoning into every day maths lessons. Throughout the two days participants will have opportunities to engage in a range of problem solving and reasoning activities suitable for KS2 pupils. A gap task between the two days will facilitate participants in integrating activities and routines to foster children’s reasoning within their own schools.

Target audience: KS2 and KS3 Teachers
Cost: FREE of charge

Cohort 1
Day 1 – 22nd September 2016
Day 2 – 29th November 2016

Cohort 2
Day 1- 10th January 2017
Day 2 – 31st January 2017

Reasoning at KS1

Mathematical reasoning is one of the key themes in the National Curriculum and a focus for the Maths Hubs Network. Last year, this course ran as part of a wider ‘Reasoning’ project. Delegates commented positively on its impact on professional knowledge and practice. This 2-day PD programme has now been tailored for KS1 staff. The Work Group aims to improve teachers’ subject knowledge, pedagogy and classroom practice in relation to developing pupils’ mathematical reasoning skills. The focus is on both participant teachers and Maths coordinators in order to secure a longer term and more sustainable improvement for pupils through policy changes.

Target audience: KS1 Teachers and Maths Coordinators  
Cost: FREE of charge
24th February 2017 

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Problem Solving – a Lesson Study approach

The Problem Solving Hub is a project in its second year, supporting Primary and Secondary schools and teachers to work collaboratively to develop high quality problem solving lessons in mathematics, through lesson study. Problem Solving is a key feature of mathematics in the curriculum from Early Years to post-16.
The Problem Solving Hub uses Lesson Study, a distinct approach to professional development which is prominent in Japan and many high-performing jurisdictions. The Hub is a network of schools who are encouraged and supported to adopt and adapt Lesson Study in their own context. We recommend certain high-quality resources and classroom approaches, but schools decide on how and what to use in lessons; the aim is to study our own practice, and to learn from looking.

Target audience: Primary and Secondary teachers of maths
Cost: FREE of charge
Launch date – 11th October 2016

This is an on-going project with events planned throughout the year; please contact us for more information.

Arithmetic at KS1 and KS2

Arithmetic now takes a prominent place in the National Curriculum. Due to the significant changes to end of key stage Key Stage assessments for KS1 and KS2 and a need to improve teacher subject knowledge and pedagogy with regards to the teaching of arithmetic, we have targeted this area to support professional practice in our Hub. The Hub’s Lead Primary school has been closely involved with the DfE in looking at how the changes to SATs have affected pupil outcomes; facilitators of this course are well informed about the learning journey required by the pupils to successfully master the arithmetic component of the primary maths curriculum.

Target audience: KS1 and KS2 Teachers  
Cost: FREE of charge
Day 1 – 7th February 2017
Day 2 – 30th March 2017

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Mathematics subject knowledge training for Teaching Assistants

This subject knowledge enhancement programme for TAs is being offered to Teaching Assistants working in the Primary phase and KS3. TA subject knowledge training last year proved to be very successful. In light of this, the current work group has been developed to support subject knowledge and improved professional practice of TAs and to address the demand since TAs have often been under deployed and their training has been patchy.
This 4-part professional development session with a school based activity will lead to wider impact for delegates’ own practice and the schools involved.

Target audience: EY, KS1, KS2, KS3 Teaching Assistants 

Day 1 – 1st March 2017
Day 2 – 13th March 2017
Day 3 – 29th March 2017

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