Leadership Development

Each summer term, the Maths Hub recruits for the following academic years’ PD Lead and SLE NCETM programmes. You can register your interest for 2021/22 here

Schools and colleges need high quality subject leadership in order to improve the quality of mathematics teaching and the outcomes for pupils. Maths Hubs are therefore working in a range of ways to develop and support maths leadership. This includes supporting subject leaders working within their own schools and local leaders of mathematics education that work with teachers from a number of schools.

Maths PD Lead Programme

The Maths Hubs Network works to expand the pool of people with the skills and capacity to lead maths-specific professional development activities for groups of teachers offering training to become Professional Development (PD) Leads.

There are three tailored versions of the programme: for those with primary, secondary, and A-level experience. Each consists of three face-to-face days (and a series of in-school and independent planning and study tasks spread over the academic year. They are part of the Maths Hub Network’s strategy to build up a group of Professional Development (PD) Leads who can support the work of hubs in every school and college phase.

Maths SLE School Improvement Support Programme

This programme aims to support primary and secondary mathematics Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in developing their approaches to maths school improvement work. It will provide a regional support programme for participants through three workshops and an online community.

The SLE programme is part of a strategy to support the development of local leaders of maths education (LLME) across the Maths Hubs Network. It is specifically designed to enable SLEs in their role to develop leadership capacity and capability in the schools they support.

The programme is for current maths SLEs linked to a Teaching School, and will benefit both those who have previous experience of developing leadership capacity in schools or who are new to the role.