Post 16 Work Groups and Programmes

We are thrilled to be able to show you our Professional Development opportunities for 2022/23. 


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Developing A level Pedagogy

This is suitable for teachers of A level mathematics and particularly for those leading developments in A level teaching in their school or college. It is an extended collaborative development that will take place over 3 full-day sessions or 6 half days or its equivalent. Schools that have taken part are welcome to join again to continue developments. It is equally useful for those taking part for the first time. It will run as a blended Work Group with some face-to-face and some online sessions.

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New To Teaching Core Maths

This is a programme suitable for teachers about to start teaching Core Maths in September, or those who have been teaching Core Maths for no more than a year. It consists of 6 centrally planned half-day sessions designed to support teachers to embrace the ethos, understand the content and come to grips with the unique nature of Core Maths Pedagogy. It is an interactive programme with some pre-prepared resources to use with learners which supports teachers to develop their teaching of Core Mathematics. The programme will be blended with online and face-to-face sessions.

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