Level 3 Mathematics

Pathways post-16 and increasing participation at level 3
The hub is working closely with its partner ‘The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme’ to support teachers and managers in delivering math’s qualifications that build on GCSE, including the new ‘Core Mathematics Level 3’ qualifications

Support for Core Mathematics

Core Maths is a new post-16 qualification designed to equip students with the mathematical skills needed for work, study and life, as only approx. 20% of post-16 students currently continue with studying mathematics, a figure which is significantly lower than other countries with similar economies. The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), advises schools and colleges and trains teachers in the delivery of these new qualifications. It is delivered by Education Development Trust on behalf of the Department for Education, and has been supporting the introduction of the Core Maths qualifications since April 2014. Around 3000 students sat the first Core Maths examinations in summer 2016; resulting in an overall pass rate of over 80 percent and this success has been built on in subsequent years.

The Hub provides support to Centre’s which are teaching core math’s, or planning to teach the qualification from Sept 2018. Support includes school visits and lesson observations, meetings to assist with Scheme of Learning, resources, teaching strategies. There are also working groups run in various parts of London in which teachers work collaboratively over an extended period of time, as well as one off CPD training run by the AMSP.

If you would like to include Core Maths as part of your sixth form offer or would like additional support for an existing course you can contact your

Support for A level and Further Mathematics

The new Linear A level specifications may pose a range of challenges for teachers: how to use technology effectively for teaching and learning? how to integrate statistics and mechanics with the pure math’s that provides the techniques for their study? how to create a scheme of work that has an emphasis on connections between different topics and how they will be assessed? In order to meet these challenges, the Further Maths Support Programme and the London North East Maths hub are offering a range of activities and professional development for teachers of A level and Further Maths.

Please contact your AMSP Coordinator James Morris if you would like more information about how the FMSP can support you in delivering A level and Further math’s.

For details of all the upcoming teacher and student events, visit below;

Advanced Maths Support Programme

You can contact the L3 team via their email:

Gemma Boyle, Level 3 Coordinator, gemmalouiseboyle@gmail.com

James Morris, AMSP Area Coordinator, james.morris@amsp.org.uk