Primary Mastery

The National Project

The Teaching for Mastery (TfM) national project is now well established and into its third year. Nationally, the NCETM have trained 133 specialists and by the end of this academic year, the projection is a total of 280 specialists nationwide fully trained working with approximately 1700 schools. On a local level, the LNE Hub currently have 5 trained specialists each working with 7 schools this year from across our region. We have 7 specialists currently in their training year who will each begin working with 7 further schools in 2018/19. We have an ever-growing capacity to help drive forward the change for mastery across our primary schools.

The project is based on improving the teaching and learning of mathematics through teacher research groups (TRG’s). TRG’s are a form of CPD that takes place in the classroom. Research shows us that the most effective forms of CPD are those that take place in the classroom – the further removed from the classroom the CPD is, the least impact it will have on children’s learning. The schools taking part of the project will experience 6 TRG lessons over the course of the year, each one being taught by their maths specialist. The specialists will provide relevant reading and research for each work group school to engage with prior to the research lesson and they will facilitate a post-lesson discussion.

We currently have 5 Mastery Specialists working across the region with 6 of 7 schools. The Work Group Schools will receive cover for their teachers attending the TRGs as well as a textbook grant of up to £2000. 


Mastery Specialist

Teaching for Mastery Work Group Schools

Debra Nemhara

Tudor Court Primary School


Scargill Junior School

Mayespark Primary School

Dorothy Barley Junior Academy

Branfil Primary School

Eastbury Primary School

Avanti Court primary School

William Patten

Tim Harrington

Lansbury Lawrence

Tower Hamlets

Cayley Primary School

Bygrove Primary School

Marner Primary

St Michaels Catholic Primary

Portway primary

Old Palace Primary

Essex primary School

Max Lawson

London Fields


Sandringham Primary Sch

Caterhatch Infant school


Rushmore Primary School

Randal Cremer


Shoreditch Park primary

Ian O’Connor


Waltham Forest

Walthamstow primary academy


St Patrick’s Catholic Primary

Dawlish Primary


Oakhill Primary School

Woodside Primary Academy

Liz Turner



Lea Valley Primary School

Henry Green

George Tomlinson

George Mitchell – primary phase

Kensington primary school


Belmont Infant and Junior school