Secondary Work Groups

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Below are the courses that we currently offer.

Mathematical thinking and the new GCSE

This Work Group offers teachers and their departments nationally coordinated support to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE.

Many departments will be considering not only the long-term development of these skills across KS3 and into KS4, but also the immediate needs of current KS4 pupils facing the challenges of the new GCSE. This Work Group aims to support both these aspects through professional development activities focusing on practical and accessible classroom-based approaches.

Participation also offers the opportunity to develop departmental professional development processes and produce longer-term improvement plans.

Target audience: KS4 Teachers and Coordinators 
Cost: FREE of charge
Date: Session 1: 8th February 2018 (13:30-15:30). Session 2-4 will be decided in Session 1.
Location: Langdon Park School, London E14 0RZ

More Information (Flyer)

Year 5-8 Continuity 

This Work Group aims to help teachers improve the chances of pupils experiencing a smooth transition in their maths learning between primary and secondary school. The Work Group will address key issues by looking at a specific curriculum area, or pedagogical theme and collaboratively developing models of continuity of approach that support pupils through the transition phase.

More information will follow.

Target audience: Year 5 and 6 Primary teachers, KS3 Teachers of Maths, KS3 Coordinators, Anyone involved in KS2-KS3 transition
Cost: FREE of charge
Dates: Launch Events – 13th December 2017 (15:00-16:30) and 24 January 2018

Teaching to Mastery (Visualisation & Variation)

This Work Group will specifically explore variation and visualisation and how it can be used to inform planning and professional development decisions
by departments.

Target audience: KS3 maths teachers
Cost: FREE of charge
Date: Session 1- 20th June 2018; Session 2- 27th June 2018; Session 3- 5th July 2018 

Time: Session 1 and 2 – 14:30-17:00 & Session 3 – TBC

Location: City Academy, Homerton Row, London E9 6EA


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