Meet the team

Meet the team from the London North East Maths Hub

Maths Hub Leadership team

Senior Lead – Sukwinder Samra

Sukwinder Samra is Head of School at Elmhurst Primary School, the outstanding lead school for the London North East maths Hub. She has thirty years of teaching experience as a secondary science teacher and primary teacher and senior leader.

She is an Ofsted inspector and has been instrumental in improving standards of teaching and learning in East London through her role as the senior lead for the LNEMH and Director of Elmhurst Teaching School.

Maths Hub Lead – Samira Islam

Samira Islam is the Maths Hub Lead and Assistant Head at Elmhurst Primary School. Samira is an experienced primary practitioner with teaching and leadership experience spanning across KS1 and KS2 for more than 10 years.
Maths Hub Lead – Nia Silverwood

Nia Silverwood is the London North East Maths Hub Lead for Primary and Early Years and an Assistant Head at Elmhurst Primary School. Nia has been teaching for over 10 years, and has a wealth of experience as a middle and senior leader. She is passionate about the ability of all pupils to make progress and is excited about the potential of teaching for mastery to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics nationwide.


Hub Administrator – Sobia Ali

Sobia is the London North East Maths Hub Administrator and first point of contact for all general enquiries. She is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of the Maths Hub through coordination and organisation of hub activities and events.


Mastery Lead – Katie Blaydes

Katie is an Assistant Head for Maths at Sandringham Primary School in Newham. She is currently working for the London North East Maths Hub each Monday as our Teaching for Mastery Lead.  The role allows Katie to visit schools within our Hub and support their journey towards a mastery curriculum for maths.  Katie works closely with our Primary Maths Mastery Specialists as they meet the schools in their Teacher Research Groups each term.  

The Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) exemplify mastery in a real – life setting and provide teachers with the time and opportunity to unpick children’s learning.   If you would like any further information about TRG’s, please get in touch.

Secondary Mastery Lead – Mohi Uddin Ahmed

Mohi Uddin is a former Head of Mathematics at a successful secondary school in North West London and also a former Primary Headteacher. He has been a Freelance Mathematics Consultant for over two years and specialises in Singapore Maths.
He works closely with various education based companies as well as
schools and is a former consultant and trainer for Maths No Problem, Europe’s first and leading company in Singapore Maths.
Level 3 Lead – Gemma Boyle
Gemma completed her BSC in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific method at the London School of Economics in 2008 after transferring from a degree in Acturial Science and attempted to begin her professional career in the midst of the financial crisis. After a year of working as a waitress in Belfast she applied to do a PGCE in Mathematics at the Institute of Education in 2009. Her second placement for the course was at Maria Fidelis Catholic Convent school in Camden where she fell in love with teaching, she worked there for the next 4 years and completed an MA in Mathematics Education part-time. She then moved to the Bridge Academy in Hackney to pursue more A-level teaching and became the KS5 Mathematics co-ordinator, which she continues to do to the present day, her first two years as a KS5 co-ordinator have seen the year 13 maths progress grades at an ALPS 1, the highest the school have achieved.

Cohort 1 Primary Mastery Specialists

Debra Nemhara

Debra is a Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) and a Maths Subject Leader at Tudor Court Primary School. She was instrumental in implementing maths mastery across the 4-form entry primary school. Her support and mentoring has also extended to other areas of the curriculum within her role as Assistant Head Teacher for Teaching and Learning and NQT mentor. Debra is passionate about teaching and learning and works in a supportive role within school to develop teachers’ understanding of how children learn in order to provide the best outcome for the children that they teach.

Debra has led Teacher Research Groups into effective Mathematics teaching within her role as Teaching for Mastery Specialist and has a wealth of subject knowledge of different pedagogy based on the latest theory and research. As part of the Maths Mastery Programme, Debra spent two weeks in Shanghai alongside Shanghai primary school teachers learning about their approach to teaching Mathematics. As part of the Shanghai Teacher Exchange, Debra hosted two Shanghai teachers at her school, Tudor Court Primary. Her role involved leading the exchange and subsequently the CPD for surrounding schools, fostering strong links in the process.

Debra is currently working towards achieving her Masters degree for Mathematics Education.

Cohort 2 Primary Mastery Specialist

Ian Connor
ian Ian Connor became a Primary School Teacher in 2004 having worked in IT for a bank for many years. Ian’s responsibilities have included being an ICT leader (Naace accredited ICT coordinator) and Maths subject leader, and  in recent years, a Primary Maths Specialist at Hillyfield Primary School, Walthamstow.  
Tim Harrington

Tim has been teaching for 8 years and a maths lead for three years. During this time he has implemented maths mastery in KS1 and is now beginning to roll out the philosophy across the whole school. He has developed a new calculation policy that incorporates a CPA approach where all children have individual resource packs to use during learning time.  

A new initiative of ‘Ten minute daily maths meetings’ has been hugely successful and encourage daily practise of number, place value and previously taught concepts.  His vision for the future is to ensure all children develop a deep understanding and love for maths that they will carry with them long after their schooling career.

Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Turner is a post threshold class teacher and Year Head for Year 2. Liz began her teaching career at Elmhurst and has successfully led Year 2 for a number of years ensuring high standards are maintained in KS1. 
Max Lawson
maxwell Max has been the Mathematics subject leader at London Fields since 2014, having had experience as a Science coordinator prior to this. He has also been working as a Teaching and Learning Coach at the school since 2015. Maxwell brings to his SLE work a passion for mathematics teaching and for developing high quality teaching in others.
Max has led school improvement in his school through the use of Lesson Study, modelling, supporting team teaching and specialist coaching; this contributed towards his school being graded Outstanding in 2015, in which the teaching of Mathematics was singled out for praise ‘because every opportunity is taken for pupils to solve problems and undertake investigations’.

Max has completed the Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) programme, and during this programme, he completed a whole school research project focused on the effective use of bar representations within problem solving. This project demonstrated a significant impact, raising pupils’ achievement.

Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme

Lauren O’Connor

Lauren completed her teaching qualification as part of the Teach First leadership development programme in Wales, after receiving  her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from Cardiff University. During the summer of her first year teaching, LaurenI worked as part of a team that delivered CPD in schools in rural India.
This project sparked her interest in developing and coaching other teachers. Lauren is  am now in her third year of teaching and has recently taken up a new post at Lister Community School in Newham where she will be mentoring first year Teach First participants and working with her department to develop mastery at Key Stage 3. Lauren is currently in the final stages of studying for an MA in Education.

Level 3 Coordination team

Further Maths Area Coordinator  – James Morris
james James Morris works for the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP) as the Area Coordinator for East London. As part of his role James supports schools with their A level provision in Maths and Further Maths which includes supporting schools to introduce, maintain and develop their provision.  The FMSP also provide problem solving, extension and enrichment support across KS4 and KS5.  James is an NCETM accredited Professional Development Lead (Level 3).  In addition to his FMSP role, James works Part time as a Maths Teacher in an Inner London Secondary school.  Before joining the FMSP in 2015, James worked in Inner and Outer London Schools teaching maths across the secondary age and ability range.