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Tel: 020 8472 1062

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How to find us

The London North East Maths Hub is led by Elmhurst Primary School, Upton Park Road, London E7 8JY.

Each Maths Hub is a partnership, led locally by a school or college. The Lead School identifies strategic partners, who help plan and evaluate the hub’s work, and operational partners, who help carry out the hub’s work.

So the hub is not just the Lead School or college – instead it is more like a maths leadership network involving schools, colleges and other organisations with maths education expertise from across the hub’s area.

Professional development provided by the hub is not the same as that offered by the Lead School. Some of, but not necessarily all, the hub’s leadership team will be based at the Lead School. Some of, but by no means all, the professional development offered by the hub will take place at Elmhurst Primary School.

Most of the Work Groups will take place at schools covering the whole hub area, so your nearest Work Group will be local to you.

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