Our Vision and Values

We believe that all pupils deserve the opportunity to experience mathematics as: coherent, stimulating and valuable. Our aim is for every child to access an ambitious curriculum that is rooted in fluency and mathematical understanding.

We believe that mastering maths is a life skill essential for understanding the world around us. Mastering maths means pupils acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.

Our Local Leaders of Maths Education are a highly skilled and growing community of professionals who aim to engage with research and find ways to apply cutting-edge pedagogy in a  continuous professional learning environment.

Through cross-phase collaboration, professional dialogue, and reflection we strive for children to experience a coherent maths journey from nursery to post 16 and beyond. Through our Work Group model, our LLME promote ownership of professional learning, critical dialogue and accountability which develops subject knowledge, practice, whole-school policies and pupil outcomes.

With the support of our networks and strategic partners, we are constantly working to develop our understanding of maths, pedagogy and professional development to make maths a coherent, stimulating and valuable reality for our children and young people.

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