Local Leaders of Maths Education

The links on this page take you to the NCETM website, where you can learn more about the professional development activities that local leaders of maths education lead.

Who leads and delivers the work carried out by the Maths Hub?

To enable the London North East Maths Hub to carry out our work, we identify, develop, and support teachers or former teachers, experienced in leading maths-specific professional development. The term used for this group of professionals working within their hub is local leaders of maths education.

Local leaders of maths education lead maths-specific professional development in and beyond their own institution. Whilst they may also share their expertise outside of the Maths Hubs Network, most of those working with the LNE Maths Hub do so as a Work Group Lead or a Cohort Lead.

This means that they lead local work which is part of a national project (known as a Network Collaborative Project). They support a small group of participants, representing schools or departments, with aims linked to teachers’ professional learning, teachers’ practice development, improving student learning, and improving maths teaching across a school or department.

How are local leaders of maths education developed and supported?

They can access opportunities for development, including:

When working directly with the LNE Maths Hub, local leaders of maths education are likely to become a Work Group Lead for a specific Network Collaborative Project, so will benefit from attending central workshops and participating in their associated project’s national community.

Local leaders of maths education also join our Maths Hub LLME Community – a professional learning community which provides opportunities for members to learn together in the context of our own region. We draw on expertise from across all phases and engage in constructive practice exchange to:

  • Constructively challenge thinking and develop new ideas
  • Learn skills relevant to the role of a leader and provider of professional development
  • Share and further develop knowledge of maths for teaching.


Meet you Local Leaders of Maths Education

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Barking and Dagenham

Ben Jones



Mark Jamieson




Jackie Bergasse


Julie Kemp


Kiran Seehra


Penny Doyle


Surinder Panesar



Craig Porteous


George Gould


Sarah Mather


Sus March



Becky Dokmanovic



David Herbert


Hannah Phillips


Laurice Prempeh


Lucy Ford


Mateu Ramonet


Mohi Uddin


Neelam Mohammed



Chris D’Netto


Waltham Forest

Mili Prakash


Zoe Lethbridge