ITT and Maths Hubs working together

Maths Hubs work with a range of partners to ensure there is effective initial training and professional development of new teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary schools (and other mathematics classroom practitioners), so that they have the specialist knowledge required to support the learning of mathematics. This includes:

  • working with ITT providers to support the development and delivery of ITT programmes
  • working with relevant partners to develop and/or deliver in-service specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics (SKTM) programmes for practitioners in primary and secondary schools

New in 2021/22 – We will be hosting termly ITT Mentor’s Network. Click the image below to view the flyer and booking form. Please feel free to join these network meetings at any time in the year. Click on the link to view.


By 2023, the aim is for all engaged ITT and SKTM programmes to include initial preparation for Teaching for Mastery.  In the Summer term of 2021/22 we will run 5 workshops for ITE Tutors. Click on the link to view.

Please email Maths Hub Co-Lead Samira Islam- to find out how we can collaborate.