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Primary Spotlight

Our Primary Spotlight is a free online professional development series. Our spotlights showcases the professional materials from the NCETM, help teachers to develop subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding for teaching maths.

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Primary Spotlight - Series 6

Coming soon 24/25

Primary Spotlight - Series 5

6. 5 Big Ideas in Mastering Number KS2

5. Adaptive teaching part 2


4. Adaptive Teaching Part 1


3. Where is the challenge?


2. Maths Anxiety


1. Mastering Number: KS1 and Reception refresher


Primary Spotlight - Series 4

5. Algebra


4. Money : securing mental strategies


3. Additive fluency in KS1

2. Measurement: reading scales


1. Place value: numbers within 100

Primary Spotlight - Series 3

4. The importance of additive fluency in EYFS


3. Multiplicative reasoning


2. Additive reasoning


1. Maths Anxiety – Does it matter and what can we do about it

Primary Spotlight - Series 2

Coming soon.

Primary Spotlight - Series 1

6. Multiplying/dividing with fractions


5. Adding/subtracting, fractions greater than 1


4. Fractions as numbers, quotients and ratios


3. Parts Wholes, Fractions as Operators


2. Place Value 


1. Subitising, Counting and Magnitude